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A Lil Something For Every RFR Fan

I think that asking me to choose between Travis/Lily and Ray/Lily is like asking me to choose between milk and white chocolate. They're both good but for different reasons but they're still both chocolate, just like the two couples are both good but for different reasons.

If you go to my fanfiction.net profile (http://www.fanfiction.net/~explosivelildynamo) you will find two stories, one that is Ray/Lily and another that is gonna be Travis/Lily eventually.

Holiday Matchmaking - It's a feel-good holiday story which is centered around Ray/Lily but also has Travis/Audrey and Robbie/???? (Not Kim, you'll have to read to find out!) Co-written by xsesenx, we're going for some major fluffiness, I think.

Ain't Nothing But A Summertime Thing - The plan is for PheonixFireBlack and I to put as much insanity in one story as we possibly can. It's just crazy but eventually there will be Travis/Lily if you want to stick around for it.

Whether it's Rily or Trily if you use the best of both worlds thing, there will be something for you because I don't believe in choosing...why bother when there's so much goodness in both worlds?
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