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The N Fanfiction

let your imagination go wild

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Looking for a place to post your the-n fanfiction? Well you landed in the right place! ^_^ Introduce yourself, let your imagination go wild, and enjoy yourselves my children.

However, please follow these simple rules:
-Use proper grammar and spelling.

-Don't tYpE lIkE tHiS. It's hard to read and annoying.

-Critiques are nice. However, don't say something like, "omfg your fic sooo sucks I can right a better one!"

-As for posting, keep it strictly about fanfiction or something involving fanfiction. Giving out links to a fanfiction is good as well. (i.e., http://fanfiction.net)

-Content-wise, fanfiction should mainly be about any shows on The N.

Maintainer: eyes_of_a_child and crowmelrose

Have fun and post away~ we don't bite! :)