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sorry if this isn't allowed, RFRSlash fic-a-thon

You see that? That's the free bus. Oh wait what's it doing? Oh yeah, stopping, because the free ride stops here!

The RFRSlash fic-a-thon is here and I want ALL of you to participate. Even If you've never written slash before, even if you've never written before, you're participating.

Fic-a-thon closes on March 25, assignments are going out on March 26 and Entries are due April 16. You e-mail them to me at I post them here as I get them. Got it? good. Let's move on

Answer these questions in the a reply and all your [fic] dreams will come true:
(please specify 3 pairings you'd like, 3 things you'd like to see and 3 things you wouldn't like to see)

Lj Name:
You'd like to see?:
You wouldn't like to see?:
You will not write?:
Would you be willing to write a backup?:

Enter damnit, you owe it to yourself!!!!
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