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The Underground Awards, The Radio Free Roscoe Fanfiction Awards

The Underground Awards, In 3, 2, 1.

You've heard about them around the fandom, you've volunteered to slave away for me on the judges panel, now they're finally here. Head on over and let the awards begin. Codes aren't up yet, but seeing as I want to have awards out by mid-March, it's time to start. Codes will be put on later, so check back periodically, and snag one when you have the time. Also, stop by the guestbook, gush to us hard working judges, webmistresses and iconers over how amazing we are (j/k). This is fandom uniting. So without further aduei: ( Please help pass along info about the awards along the internet. this is going to be a very word of mouth/ fandom oriented awards. Thank You, and May the Games Begin

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