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My RFR fics

I've written a couple of RFR fics. They're both Ray/Lily, so if you don't like the ship, then don't read.

Jumpy Jr. ~ This fic is set after Clark Kent. Lily realizes some things about herself and Ray finally gets what he's been waiting for. Ray/Lily

Just Another Friday At Mickey's ~ Short, very short ficlet of Lily's thoughts from something that happens in the episode The Imposter. Lily/Ray

Comments appreciated very much!
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So you were the one who wrote those two! XD I remember seeing your name while searching in the Google search engines for Radio Free Roscoe :p

Oh yeah- are you ever going to continue Jumpy Jr.?
Yeah, that's me! ^_^

Actually, I meant for JJ to be a one-shot...I suppose I might be able to continue it, but I hadn't planned on it.
Those fics are awesome!!!